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Frequently Asked Questions

We help individuals and organizations globally - across industries and any size.  We are open to all individuals seeking coaching and consulting. We specialize in coaching women professionals.

Coaching can help anyone willing to be coached and seeking to maximize their personal and professional potential.  This maybe individuals seeking to improve their overall well-being or starting or advancing their career. They maybe transitioning to be a leader, leading a team, growing in their current role, or returning to the workforce. At universities and learning institutions, students maybe seeking professional development skills (time management, public speaking, networking), preparing to join the workforce (internship or first job), preparing for the interview or drafting a resume. These are some examples where coaching would be a great opportunity.

Coaching will help provide clarity on what you want and a plan to get there by working with an accountability partner. Having this clarity is the path towards your success.  Coaching helps you reach your goals through focus, discipline, and working past challenges.

Coaching engagements  are customizable in terms of number of sessions.  Typically, we recommend a min. of 3-4 to begin. We start off meeting one hour, every other week. Laser Coaching sessions are 20 minutes during the “off weeks,” as-needed.

We start-off with a free discovery call to help understand why you are considering coaching:  You may have specific goals you would like to work on or just thinking about coaching. During our conversation, we seek to ensure there is a good fit between us to start building our relationship. Once we decide to move forward, the coaching engagement is focused on specific goals that you set and a plan to get there.  We work together to achieve them throughout our sessions.  The engagements are customized to work towards your goals.

We help individuals and organizations provide strategic consultation and design and deliver a variety of professional and leadership development initiatives.  Examples of our services and products include:

  • Strategy/vision/mission workshop
  • Goal-setting workshop
  • Leader/Team Acceleration session
  • Team Building session
  • Resource Guides & other program content
  • Assessments and debriefs
  • Curricula that supports your organization’s needs
  • Consultation on leadership & learning needs

Cost will depend on scope of the engagement. After the discovery meeting, we will provide you the cost and work with you on payment plan.  We want this to be a good fit between you and your coach.

Your coach is your strategic thinking partner and guide to discover what you want to learn and implement a plan to accomplish your goals. 

With your coach and/or consultant, we provide an “end-to-end” experience:  Through our discovery conversation(s), we will uncover or reconfirm your goals through a series of thought-provoking questions.  We will work with you to customize a plan to achieve these goals.   For coaching engagements, we continue to work on the plan through a series of  coaching sessions.  The level of structure depends on your needs.  For consulting, your consultant will work with you to customize the solutions to meet your team and organization’s goals.  Through this process, we will continue to have check-ins for on-going feedback to ensure the final product meets your expectations.  With coaching and consulting, we work with you to be successful.

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