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Working with Dolon was a pleasure.  She provided thought leadership on change leadership and international high-potential mentoring program at Huntsman International.  Dolon took the feedback I provided and customized solutions that included practical resources for our high potential mentoring program and change leadership initiatives that we used. She provided deliverables on-time.  Dolon was always available for a meeting and easy to work with.  In conversations with her, I knew she knew her stuff.  I would highly recommend working with DB Coaching and Consulting.

Jason L.
Manager, Huntsman International

Dolon is an exceptional coach who significantly impacted my career success through our coaching sessions. Her attentive and personalized approach sets her apart. Dolon truly listens to her clients, ensuring that her coaching aligns perfectly with their objectives. Her insightful guidance and tailored strategies have been invaluable in navigating my professional journey. Dolon’s dedication and expertise make her a standout coach, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking impactful and results-driven coaching.

Kiran C.

HR Leader, Sabio Holdings

Thank you for being a wonderful resource and facilitator for Creating a Culture of Feedback workshop. Feedback is such a valuable and underutilized leadership asset. The workshop discussions and exercises were timely and super helpful. We appreciate you, Dolon !

Shery B.

Director of Professional Learning, United Way of Greater Houston
I was fortunate to have numerous coaching engagements with Dolon over the years as I stepped into new leadership roles at Williams. I always looked forward to our conversations as Dolon practices active listening and knows exactly when to interject and ask thought provoking questions that would allow me to establish some direction and path forward on tackling a challenge. She is a quick study and quickly grasps the situation to provide accurate and constructive feedback. She has also helped my team over the years by being an effective facilitator in leadership acceleration and feedback sessions that resulted in improved team effectiveness. Her understanding of underlying tensions or misunderstandings and how to break down barriers allowed my team to communicate effectively and work better in a collaborative and productive manner. Thanks for all of your help over the years Dolon!!!

Camilo A.

Vice President/General Manager, Williams

I highly recommend Dolon for coaching and team building services. We found ourselves with a majority of new team members in key roles. Dolon conducted a few workshops for the team with various topics such as getting to know the business drivers, understanding how to work more efficiently, and how to quickly become a high performing team. Needless to say, we saw a marked growth in revenue as result of those workshops. She was incredibly thorough in her preparation and delivery and I unequivocally recommend her!
Kalika S.
Owner, Code Ninja
Dolon led a series of total energy transformation coaching sessions on a variety of topics. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. She helped me create goals and provided a lot of encouragement and advice towards achieving the goals. She held me accountable for each goal and checked-up on my progress often. Each session focused on a different topic, and I was really impressed at how knowledgeable and dedicated she was throughout the entire process. She tailored each session to my needs and devoted so much time into each of the sessions, sending me emails with worksheets and helpful reading materials regarding each of the session topics. I had several “aha” moments during my coaching experience that helped me break down some of the mental barriers that had impeded my success in the past. Because of Dolon, I was able to achieve my goal and she gave me the tools to keep doing more. I would really recommend Dolon to anyone who is looking to transform their lives in a positive way. She is the best!

Shery Z.

IT Compliance Officer, Modicare

I signed up with Dolon for 12-week coaching program. She took the time to understand my professional and personal life governors. She also took the time to understand why I wanted to improve. Each session started with a review of the previous. Throughout the course, she taught me to hold myself accountable and helped me come up with realistic and sustainable goals, while being more mindful. She was very accommodating of times to have our sessions. I found Dolon to be extremely punctual, detail-oriented and fully prepared for each session by having reviewed all of our previous conversation. She provided me with both strategic and tactical approaches to stay on-course. Dolon does not work from a prescribed template. She customizes the sessions and process to help you meet your goals. Without hesitation, I recommend her to anyone looking to create a balance in their lives.

Hanif H.

Executive, Beach Cities Child Development Center
I worked closely with Dolon on implementing several learning programs for three of the four service lines for about 1 ½ years and can highly recommend her work. She has the ability to offer creative solutions to a variety of situations with an eye to detail and customer service. Her excellent interpersonal and communication skills allow her to develop productive working relationships. Dolon provided constructive feedback and opportunities for my professional development. 

Lisa L.

Senior Human Resource Coordinator, Cushman & Wakefield
Meeting with Dolon has played an essential role in my professional and personal growth. She asks very thought-provoking questions and is a great listener. She is very easy to talk to and you can tell she really cares about you and your success.  

Kirsten B.

Product Specialist – Dealer Programs, FordDirect

Dolon was one of the architects of the Client Solution Learning program. She facilitated the identification of program needs, development of the program offerings, and the implementation of the program. Dolon was also instrumental in guiding the presenters to develop effective program modules. I was a beneficiary of Dolon’s advice and enjoyed working with her.

Corine R.

Director of Account Transactions, CBRE

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