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Coach. Creator. Partner. Volunteer. Mom. Wife. Health & Wellness Fanatic.

After a 25-year corporate career, I took a leap of faith and established DB Coaching & Consulting. My goal is to empower individuals to achieve success through professional and leadership development.

I worked across industries in technology, investment banking, insurance, commercial real estate, publishing, and oil/gas, focusing on leadership development and learning. I had the privilege of working in the US, India, China, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Canada offering specialized guidance in coaching/mentoring, team effectiveness, talent management, performance management, change management, diversity and inclusion, and employee engagement at Fortune 500 companies. My journey extends beyond the people-side of the business: I was a business process consultant at a global IT consulting firm, led digital marketing and strategic partnerships at a tech startup, and earned recognition for my leadership at a non-profit organization, receiving a National Award for Chapter Excellence and being a part of the 2003 NASDAQ opening ceremony.

Throughout my career, I prepared over 600 managers for leadership roles, equipping them for success as new leaders, seasoned professionals, and individuals transitioning into new roles. I spearheaded leadership initiatives for organizations comprising of more than 5,000 employees during periods of significant growth, restructure, and acquisition, effectively driving human capital needs. For example, in China, thanks to my strategic approach, top management successfully onboarded their employees in their roles and achieved remarkable business results during the highly anticipated opening of the Beijing office.

I have a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin and a MA in Education with a focus on corporate training and intercultural communication from New York University. I also had the privilege of serving as an Adjunct Professor at NYU, teaching instructional design.

Life is Bumpy…I struggled with fertility, so I took a ten-month break and went through the IVF process. Today, I am blessed with twin teenagers. After their birth, I was a full-time mom for 1.5 years. Furthermore, I got laid-off twice in my career: At my first job after graduate school and at the height of my career as a Learning Director. These setbacks taught me the importance of resilience and always believing where there is a will, there is a way. Find the courage to pursue what truly matters to you, in the face of life’s bumps.

Life Today… I continue to juggle family and work-life BUT on my terms and love it! I enjoy sharing my insights at conferences and honored to be a guest speaker at the Women’s Global Leadership Conference, Value of a Veteran, Diversity & Inclusion in Oil & Gas, and Energy Conference Network, sharing my expertise on women’s leadership, DEI, mentoring, and more.

My goal is to help my clients by providing practical solutions and connect with people. I can’t wait to connect with you!

More than 25 Years of Coaching & Consulting

I was fortunate to have numerous coaching engagements with Dolon over the years as I stepped into new leadership roles at Williams. I always looked forward to our conversations as Dolon practices active listening and knows exactly when to interject and ask thought provoking questions that would allow me to establish some direction and path forward on tackling a challenge. She is a quick study and quickly grasps the situation to provide accurate and constructive feedback. She has also helped my team over the years by being an effective facilitator in leadership acceleration and feedback sessions that resulted in improved team effectiveness. Her understanding of underlying tensions or misunderstandings and how to break down barriers allowed my team to communicate effectively and work better in a collaborative and productive manner. Thanks for all of your help over the years Dolon!!!
Camilo A.
Vice President/General Manager, Williams
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